Friday, August 17, 2012

Dirty House or Great Sex?

Well, this is one that is probably going to blow women's minds away because they will probably think, "I'm allowed to do that?!" And some might even think that this is sacrilegious (<---I'm exaggerating but you get the point--or maybe not). But just keep an open mind for this one ladies. As for the men, they will probably think, "do you even have to ask?" Haha!

Now, don't get me wrong, I myself love a clean house, clean bathrooms, clean dishes, clean laundry, organized closet, clean living room, etc. I enjoy cleaning my house when I'm not being hurried by the tick-tocks of my clock. In fact, I squeeze some cleaning in any spare time I have. But I have made a rule of my own: ONLY before 11:00PM, lol. Once 11:00PM hits, I usually let it ALL go and decide to relax...even if it's just to watch an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent with my husband ---except when I'm in school, then sleepless nights become part of life, haha. But anyway...back to what I wanted to say...

We, women, are human. Between working a full-time job, going to school full-time, training the XLNs dance team at church, practicing for Sunday devotionals on Fridays and Sundays, planning events for the Women's Society of Cristo la Roca, being a wife, a daughter, a leader, etc...somewhere along the way, I forget the simple fact that I am human. And men may find it hard to believe, but this is something that MOST women forget at some point in their lives. Now, this crazy schedule is just me, and I have no children; I can't even imagine those who have all that load, and on top of that are mothers. YIKES!

Sometimes you need to drop things that seem important, but that ARE NOT more important than your husband (children--if you have any), time, and prayer. We are not women that have super powers, that can fly, have supernatural strength, or that can read minds. We are women who by the grace of God have the ability to multi-task a lot more efficient than men, but that does not mean we should use this unwisely.

I can assure you that your husband would much rather have a load of dishes in the sink and have great sex with you, than to have you wash all the dishes to then be too tired to have sex. Prioritize wisely. Make this a habit. The world will NOT end if for one night your floor is dirty, the dishes are unwashed, or if the laundry pile doesn't get washed. Remember what makes cleaning the house important? Remember what makes doing laundry important? Remember what makes cooking important? I'll remind you---what makes it important is your love to serve your husband and children, your love to take care of your family properly...and part of that, sometimes, is NOT doing these things and to do what really matters...and that is to LOVE THEM by investing in THEM!

Just a verse to help you think of which actions will make your family feel loved: "Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions." -1 John 3:18


Monday, August 13, 2012

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Dear youth and people in general,

I am far from being a person who plans ahead (that's what my husband is good at, NOT me, lol), but I DEFINITELY (and you can ask my husband) love having a plan, even if it's very general. Now, yes...I am Choleric, and I LOVE TO HAVE CONTROL, and maybe that is why I am so adamant about having plans, but that doesn't keep it from being good; I know what classes I'm going to take each semester from now until graduation, and by when I'll be graduating. I know I want to have kids AFTER I am done with school, etc. PLANS. PLANS. PLANS. How do you live this life just drifting into random and unwise decisions? HAVE A PLAN! If God changes it, then by all means surrender to HIS PLAN, but don't seize to have your own. The KEY is to have ADJUSTABLE plans...ADJUSTABLE to HIS WILL. NO CHRISTIAN should have CONCRETE PLANS, only moldable, adjustable, and felxible to HIS WILL, but HAVE ONE!


Stronger Pride, Weaker You

Proverbs 11:2 ---When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

This pride we humans feed on is such an easy feeling to strengthen, only to make you weaker. This is exactly what led Satan to want to be like God...his pride. We all have this feeling that could lead to disaster, but don't let this feeling make decisions for you. Pride gets in the way of constructive criticism, forgiveness, and creates a constant attacking mode because prideful people think they have to be defensive all the time. But don't misinterpret the pride that God hates with the pride of a job well-done, etc. It's the pride that hinders your relationship with God that you need to stay away from. Paul himself said: "Imitate me, because I imitate God. (1 Corinthians 11:1) <---I'm sure he felt proud to be able to say this! I would, too! But that's not the pride God is talking about.


I think it's funny when people observe introverts who are quiet and shy (usually Phlegmatics) and automatically assume they are humble. Humility is a lot more than being quiet and shy. And humility especially does not equal to being a whimp! Jesus was anything but a whimp! Believe it or not, a lot of these people have a hard time asking for forgiveness; and why? PRIDE! The best example of being humble is Jesus! Examine how He lived. As you can see Jesus did his share of disciplining and speaking directly:

He reprimanded the people who used His temple as a market to make money! (Matthew 21:12 and Mark 11:15-16).

When he is asked about the Sabbath, He responded firmly. He was a defender of The Word! (Mark 2:27).

LEARN WHAT HUMILITY REALLY MEANS! It will help you become a better carrier of The Word!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tears Written on Paper

Oh, how dear, God, did you decide to give up a son?
Not to send Him to the unknown, but actually to the very known
All the details engraved, all the events written, done and undone

Oh, how was it that you, Jesus, were willingly hung?
People waiting for the Messiah to be clothed in gems and stones
Only to be drenched in blood for those who have not won

I sit here asking you to be my Savior, my Sun
As if I chose you, when you chose me over Your throne
And all I need is your mercies from dusk until dawn

Your scars are beauty marks to those who run...
...the good race. Your sweat a grace puddle zone
Your blood a payment for all debts to be withdrawn

I beseech for your presence, Oh God of all, the only One
I ask only for your grace to be penetrated through my bones
And not on a shooting star, but on your will is that I wish upon
Spontaneous Session 5

8.9.12 @ 4:46PM