Friday, November 30, 2012

A Mending In Need

I have gone through it all: hardships a girl should never go through, years of adolscence with dirt self-esteem, teen years of divorced parents, and plenty more that people would probably never guess. But through it all I have seen God.

I can say that I have remained standing even when others wanted to see me fall, but still I have fallen. I have lifted my hand in surrender to God when the Devil wanted me to boast in pride, yet...sometimes pride still overtook me. I have seen God provide when there has been nothing but need in sight, yet I have sometimes doubted that He would.

People want to make excuses for their hatred to God, but the truth is that this world is broken, full of sin and evil, people who hurt with no compassion, etc. Don't expect God to be at fault for this lost world. WE chose this broken world, NOT God. WE make our decisions, NOT God.

And everyday that we lie ourselves out of something, resent someone for something, speak against each other, hurt another person...every time we do one of these despicable things is another day that we choose this broken world all over again.

We might give to charity, do good to others, be truthful, love one another...yet we are still in this broken world. And it is becuase of this broken world that you can never be mended, until you meet Jesus. This is why I need him, because I needed to be mended, and HE did exactly that.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sacrificing Truth for Pride

Today I heard someone say to her husband: "See, that's why we should keep allowing our children to have their own opinions even if they are different than ours. They should be allowed to decide what feels right." 

Oh, man! What a dangerous mentality. What if her son woke up one day and feels that the right thing to do is to kill his parents? What if her daughter wakes up one day and decides that 

since she feels that it is right for her to own a car, and her mother does not want to buy it, that she should then steal it? <----These are the things that get parents in trouble. They want their children to be so open-minded, but at the cost of what? Morality? Values? Simply to do away with what religion tells you is right or wrong!?

Most pedophiles believe that what they do to children is right because it FELT right, because they were "in-love."

Most rapists believed that they were right in forcefully having sex with a woman, because some women "ask for it."

Most murders believe that what they did was right in that it was their own justice.

So what are you teaching your children? What foundation do your children have for when they are confronted with a difficult situation, and must decide what is the right thing to do? Their feelings???? You got to be KIDDING ME! It's mostly because of this mentality that jails exist.

"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure" -Jeremiah 17:9

But people don't want to accept that what is right and wrong comes from a Higher Power, because people don't like being told when they are doing something wrong! Homosexuals don't want to be told that their lifestyle is sinful; Fornicators don't want to be reminded that having sex before marriage is a sin; Adulterers want to use "nature of men" as an excuse for not being able to be faithful to a single woman, but not be told that their actions are sinful. People who get drunk want to say that they just drink for fun! We are willing to sacrifice any single value or morality just to feel good about ourselves.

Well, guess what? There is a truth I would like to introduce to you: JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS! <---That was not fun, pleasant, or felt good! But it was necessary. So I tell you today, that the truth is not always pleasant, fun, or feels good. BUT IT IS NECESSARY TO BE TOLD!

The funny thing, though, is that a few minutes later, the person I overheard on the phone started complaining about how her son does not clean his room, and how her daughter talks back at her.

I should have said: but what if your son feels that it's right to leave his room dirty? And what if your daughter feels that it's the right thing to defend her points, even if it means talking back at you?

But I didn't. But I should have. LOL!

Oh, dear, God...please help this world realize that we want to believe that life's rules are simply what we feel is right...but in reality, what is right and what is wrong has already been laid out by You because You are the source of absolute goodness.