Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Regrets, No Shame (Load of Lies)

"Live your life with no regrets" <---This is something I can understand when someone says it, because I understand the actual meaning behind it. Everyone knows that everyone has regretted something in their lives. So what the quote is actually suggesting is that you live your life with as little regrets as possible. Or at least that's how I want to take it (unless they are unrealistic and crazy people out there who actually believe you can't regret a single thing in which case I don't ever want to hear the quote, lol).

Anyway...the quote is an encouragement to live life as best and as wise as possible so that you make as little and as minor regrets as possible.

On the other hand...

"I have no regrets in my life." <----Have you ever heard people say that? I have. When I hear people say this, they always strike me as being very prideful, boastful, and definitely lying. How perfect do you think you are that you would never regret anything at all? I sure as heck hope that everyone regrets saying something hurtful to someone they care for, saying a lie to someone you love, or even something as minor as not studying for a test! I mean, there has to be something you wish you would have never said, done, or at the very least: done differently (I hope!). So please, realistic. Don't say things like this, because I can assure you that the people that know you can definitely find something that you should regret.

But I have good news....

Jesus redeems, Jesus lifts, Jesus heals, and JESUS SAVES! All the things you regret can be forgiven and forgotten. Rejoice, for He has paid the price :)

The only people who think they don't need Jesus, are those who think that they are perfect.

I am NOT perfect. I have hurt people. I have lied. I have been prideful. It's only because of Him that I can lift my face to the heavens and proclaim that I am SAVED.

It's NOT okay to be imperfect, but you will endure it if you have HIM!