Friday, April 19, 2013

A Spark of Light in Darkness

Trees flourish.
Flowers bloom.
Grass grows.
Sun rises.
Sun sets.
Moon shines.
Stars twinkle.
Breeze flows.
Water glistens.
Beaches wave.
Oceans roar.
Seas splash.
Colors paint.

We are all able to enjoy these things, even in our saddest and most miserable days. The murderers, the rapists, the deceivers, the fornicators, the adulterers, the thieves, the drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. can enjoy these things.

But remember, in Hell there won't be any of this...there is no beauty, no love, no kindness...NONE OF IT. Here, at least when you are miserable you can bathe in the sun, relax in a shower, etc. This will not be available in Hell.

Is everything you are "enjoying" now worth an eternal ugliness, suffering, and torment?

Remember, the longest you'll enjoy your drunkiness, your pronagraphy, your drugs, your worldy ways will be for as long as your life lasts (probably 70 years at the most). But eternity has no ending.