Friday, August 16, 2013

The Noah Spark (RIP beautiful boy)

My friends recently lost their three year old son, and my heart just sinks every time I think about it. I wish I was brave enough to tell them how sorry I am for their loss, but I feel that I will only bring them down to tears as they try to be strong for their family. Through this poem, I would like to tell Ana & Brayan that I truly am sorry for their loss and that although their family will never quite be the same, I truly believe that with God you guys can get through this!

Ana & Brayan Deleon, I hope this makes you smile!

The Noah Spark
A little spark born in April
A Sakura flower dressed in blue
Oh, how your face made us smile
A beautiful cry to salute

A little spark born in Spring
An April shower welcomed tears
To announce to the whole world
...that he was born, through our ears

A little spark who grew like trees
In the midst of wondering growth
Pondering about everything he sees
Oh, how they love him, his parents, both

A little spark that joined the heavens
Three years of glowing smiles that float
Your heart was wrapped in a bright, bright present
Smile my dear spark, smiles you wrote...

On our hearts, that will never be erased.

~By Julissa Mena
***This poem is being written from the parents point of view.

I can't pretend to know what you both are feeling right now, but I wanted to tell you that my heart aches for what both are you are going through!

I wish many blessings to all of you in these very difficult moments!