Friday, January 31, 2014

A Love Story

A Love Story
Far from close
Dark from light
Bad from good
Oxymoron by day
Contradiction by night

So exciting it is to fall
To watch yourself dive
Into the thrill at sight
In your own pool of sin
To no longer be alive

Furtherness enlarging
Darkness expanding
Evilness demanding
Your heart for this moment
Your soul for this pleasure

The love of one God.
One Lamb.
One sacrifice.
Reclaiming you.

Monday, January 13, 2014

University Life Over

Yep! You read life is over...for now.

I just finished my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and I will see how the job hunting goes that way. If needed in the future, and new opportunities open, I might pursue my Master's Degree.

For now I am just job hunting. Life can be so difficult when you are a wife, leader in church, work full time, and go to school full-time.

Here are a few tips that I recommend to keep a healthy balance between all the things you have to do when you are married and in school.

  1. Eat healthy. One of the things I really noticed helped me when I was in school is eating healthy. All-nighters involved healthy snacks, not junk. Research shows that you perform better in exams and do better on your homework when you eat healthy before working on school work. So keep that in mind.
  2. Manage your time well. One thing I know helped with research papers is making schedules of how many pages I had to get done everyday. I can tell you that with a 24-credit semester, managing time was on the top of the list on the what-to-do's. 
  3. Make time to relax. I'm telling you can suck the life out of you. I have found that marriage has not even come near to the effect school can have, lol. If you can't find the time for relaxing, then MAKE the time.
  4. Realize you have a limit. We all have limits, and for some people the limits are way shorter than others. Make sure you draw a line. I always took full time semester with 18 credits, and this last semester I took a 24-credit semester, but I can tell you, that's definitely my limit. And just because I have a high limit doesn't mean you will. Your limit might be 12 credits, more, or less. Learn who you are and don't try to base your limit on the limit of others.
  5. Be realistic. Make realistic goals. I remember that at first I would be so upset when I got "B's" on my report card. I was taking 18 credits and I still wanted to get all A's. But the truth is that with a full-time job, all over the place in church, being a wife, and full-time in school...there was no way I could pull that off. So I made peace with myself, and told myself that as busy as I was, B's were not so bad. So when the 24-credit semester came, I was quite happy with my 2 B's and 6 A's. 
I hope this helps!

Blessings to all!