Thursday, February 27, 2014

Love Death Electric Shock

Life at large
Stars in sparkle.
Death in charge
Dark & patriarchal.

Super sized beauty
The glass unbroken.
Stuffed in sooty.
Silent & unspoken.

Unselfishness bursts
Love is painful
Consciousness unearthed
Hurt so gainful

Let me remember
But erase the glow
Delete the ember
Cancel the overflow.

Distance at work
Silence at labor.
Memories lurk.
Results come later.

Love death
Electric shock
Last breath
Peaceful mock.

-Julissa M

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Love Jar

The Love Jar
The echo that awakes thy
Declaring your love note
Making butterflies fly
Making the heart float

A tender soft sound wave
The twerp of your word
Waiting for my sight to cave
Oh how I wait for that bird

Keeping you in a love jar
Have you on the other side
Knowing you're not far
A dream I'll always slide

Let me call it the love jar
Where I can forever have you
The place where I spar
So I don't have to say adieu