Monday, April 14, 2014

Emotional Forecast

Friendship tastes like betrayal
Secrets shared are none at all
Keep them in the bottle
With a permanent cap

Friendship tastes like pain
A wrongful forecast
Announced as sunny
It will rain

Chances of hurt
Stingful shining rays
Gossiping thunder
Tearful storm

It Hurts a Little Less

Pain is peculiar
Hurt oh so strong
Guilt overwhelming
And forgetfulness abroad

Steady Accuser
Lengthy long
Memoir of failing
Sinful fraud

Lord, Defender
Lord, my song
Lord, reigning
Lord, my God

Oh, find me
I am hiding
Oh, Find me
I am lost



Haunting Shame

Lord, I'm drowning in my sin
Haunted by my guilt
Empty down within
Worst shame I've ever felt

I'm dying, Lord
I'm drowning, Lord
I'm fading away

Oh, hope that can sway
My prayer it can lay
Oh, help me stay
Make me invisible
Or take me away!