Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Ebb of Dusk: A Laugh Party

There are kind ribbons bouncing off laughs
Oxygen balloons decorating zoetic lungs
Butterfly flowers bringing the color to pupils
And that cherry blossom smell escaping the girl

There are smile posters usurping the walls
Sculpted facial expressions carved lively
Fluffy giggles tickling the cleared ear drums
Inquisitive fingers finding tingly underarms

There are fixated eyes searching for true love
Canvas of a first crush painted in childhood
Gentleness popsicles being served for sweet course
Cuddle-flavored cotton candy stuffed in cheek pores

This place is in a box on the edge of Street Lucidity
Make a left at the street that crosses Lane Insanity
Then your next right at the light of Delusion Frenzy
Spotting the chimera, run for the golden door labeled "Crazy"

Only then would you have found this ebb of dusk
Where people's names are but their very own musk
They meet for drinks at Monticello Drive
For happiness and grandeur is all they thrive

Friday, January 30, 2015

Finding Life

Today I rode towards the lights
Where colorful fire sprinkles the sky
I saw my heart jumping between kites
I saw candles melting my whole life

Today I walk against the winds
Cotton balls stretching across heaven
I saw home inside your hands
I saw your chest build my haven

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today I die

Drowning in red lights
Looking back at white lights
Rolling road of my past
The last speck of what should have been.

Today I died.
I will remain dead.
Today I waned.
I will remain waned.

The moon has bled tonight.
The stars are shredded.
My soul is done with this fight.
I have been enslaved.

My heart is ripped open.
Hopelessness abundant.
You left me at none.
Not even one fragment.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Execution is Key

The plan needed perfect timing.
Execution was key.
Purposely the door locked behind him.
Setting up the keepsake to be needed.

Bad liars make for good whining.
Action is for free.
Accidental stare of lies that dim.
Allowing the keepsake to be heeded.

The question that was asked did not ask for it.
Implied question--"return to sender" was clear.
An alternative keepsake was offered like a spit.
You could have just asked without any fear.

When did adults stop being grown ups?
Gifts are returned often, no?
Yes, shame rises at the memory.
All you had to do is ask.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tears of Today

My giggles float on paper.
Uncovering the caps of every lie.
Surfacing every drop of ink.
Making sure I'm still alive.

Laughter smudging the walls.
Setting friendships to fly.
Placing scars in cursive.
Making my heart die.

Today I cried and it hurt.
My heartbeat lost rhythm.
Tears spiked and spurt.
Pain without fathom.


She wonders if they were lies all along.
Were they just words he regrets every day.
Tossing and turning over every play.

She fears they were fibs of a good boy.
Or maybe a game he set up to win.

She ponders on the lyrics to the song.
Does he really feel what it has to say?
Does her skin still linger like a sun ray?

She thinks every message was a fun toy.
Every word pointing to perfect aim.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Timeproof Memories

These bubble memories.
So vulnerable and fragile.
Dissipating into the air.
Merging with the breeze.
The setting of a day in April.
Becoming the wind to her sail.

These concrete memories.
So firmly planted and still.
Remaining motionless in stare.
Combining every detail to freeze.
The hint of a day sitting on a hill.
Turning into the eternal fire of her flare.

These time-proof memories.
They possess no time at all.
They're in her cells and in the trees.
They're in every drop of rainfall.

These time-proof memories.
They are not touched or heard.
They're in her heartbeats and leaves.
They're in every feather and bird.

You're gone, you're yours to keep.
The memories are for her to weep.
Yet, no tears have kissed her cheeks.
She's waiting for you to put your walls down and speak.
But she will die before she finds what she seeks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Silence Volume

Can you hear it?
The voice I've unvoiced.
The words I have sealed.
The verbs I have rested.
That thought I have quieted.

Can you hear it?
The voice I've silenced.
The words I have erased.
The verbs I have stopped.
That thought I have shushed.

No more talking.
My silence's volume is on blast.
Tongue modding.
That pouring of my heart was my last.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Heart Weather

My heart weather is cold.
Today will be gloomy.
Today there will be tantrums.
Pain peeking and blooming.
My heart at the speed of drums.

My heart weather is hot.
Today will be shiny.
Today laughs will glow bright.
Happiness jumpy and cheery.
My heart at the speed of light.

My heart weather is warm.
Today will be gray and pink shades.
Frowns and smiles will interchange.
Tears and grins inter-fades.
My heart at the speed of my story's each page.

My heart weather has stopped.
Today there will be no sun, trees, or sky.
Today there's no emotional wars.
You must be close by.
My heart at the speed of yours.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My On-Guarded Heart

My heart is in a garden.
The petals are falling.
The leaves are floating.
The rocks are sharp.
And the grass is brown.

My heart is in a garden.
The beats are quieting.
The blood is thinning.
The veins will scarp.
And the valves will drown.

My heart is in a garden.
Tall walls are mounting.
Signs of "No Trespassing."
Visitors circle like an orb.
Walls rooting in the ground.

My heart is in a garden.
A door doing its shutting.
No sign for any welcoming.
Visitors stare at the door from far.
"A key surely hasn't been found."

My heart is in a garden.
And the doorknob is still unlocked.

But who will dare to...
Crawl, to clean the petals off the dirt.
Jump, to clean the leaves off the air.
Sow, to revive the grass to green.
All while being stabbed by needled rocks.

To be continued...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today's Meaning

For so many...
Today will be forgotten.
Today remains meaningless.
Today will be painless.
Today remains a day.

For her...
Today will be a picture.
Today remains priceless.
Today will be pain.
Today remains a lifetime.

For him...
Today will be buried.

For both of them...
Today is their defiance of the facts.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Skin Deep Mask

This mask is my skin.
The smile of loss.
The grin of grief.
Laughter of unhappiness.

This mask is my skin.
Jokes of sadness.
Excitement of tears.
Laughter of unhappiness.

No one knows me.
No one sees me.
No one can tell.
This skin is my mask.

I'm Home

I'm nowhere to be found
I looked left & right
I looked up & down
Even at Death under the ground

I'm nowhere to be found
My soul in some twilight
My thoughts in a tearful frown
Everything feels unsound

I'm nowhere to be found
They won't find me anywhere
They'll keep looking here or there
But they don't know, I'm nowhere to be found...

Because I'll be found only inside of your heart.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Her Skin Listened

There's a tingle on her arm.
Traces flowing oh so slowly.
Smudges forming with his charm.
Feelings strumming on her wholly.

It's the right arm that was chosen.
The left side on which she laid.
On his lap, wishing to be frozen.
Dozing off to the rhythm of his breath.

His index finger engraving letters.
Her arm now tingling like feathers.
She can feel every word as her skin raved.
So "I love you" he secretly and tenderly engraved.