Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Heart's Compass

The arrow in your eyes
It spins uncontrollably
It has no sense of direction
No need for perfection

Shall I go north?
Shall I go west?
Maybe I'll go south.
Perhaps I'll go east.

At the north end of the planet
I will find frozen stars
They shine of their frost
Of their desire to climb the sky
Reminding me of your heart

At the western hemisphere of earth
I will find the wild Amazon
The beautiful red maple leaf
Decorating its Rockie Mountains
And my heritage all over the Andes
Reminding me of your spine

At the far end of the South
I will find the sun with glaring glaciers
The beautiful icicles that come out to say hello
The adornments of ice shelves taller than me
Reminding me of your hands

At the eastern hemisphere's zone
I will find Paris swimming through the Seine River
The Po River flowing fertility through its plains
The ships from Turkey and Ukraine dancing through the Black Sea
Reminding me of your lips and the words they erupt

I'm ready to stay
To listen to the compass of my heart
Because yours never wanted to move with mine
You never wanted them to intertwine
So I'm ready to stay
Hopefully still alive

Monday, February 9, 2015

Me Again

It's a smudge of you
It's a relentless painful memory
There is hope in despair
A candle lit from a flare

I'm not ready for red roses
For chocolate boxes or for kisses
I'm not here for passing the time
Or for letting the lights shine

Take me to that moment again
I want to be me, bare, and transparent
But to see you there's no when
Just the lingering memory of your scent

Take me away
Take me far
Take me to where my insides are filled
Take me to where I am me again
And I am not afraid
Where I can swim through your fears

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Girl In The Mirror

The girl in the mirror...
She smiles at the very large world
She glances at all that is beauty
She reaches for the deepest secret
She's hopeful of all the hopeless

The girl in the mirror...
She finds the powers in every word
She stares into hearts so steady
She takes hold of people's respect
She gives meaning to the meaningless

The girl in the mirror...
She's gorgeous and so bold
She has the tenderness of a baby
She's as bright as the tail of a comet
She is the change in the changeless

But  the girl in the mirror sees a girl who says another story
This other girl sees the opposites in her--it's all she can see
This girl is so ugly, not cute, not nice, not attractive or pretty
One day she'll be the girl in the mirror; being her is her plea

Friday, February 6, 2015

I Wish To Hate You

I wish my core would crave bloody anger when I see your face
That my face would turn away at the slight hope of your trace
I wish my insides would shrink into tainted marbles of hate
That my hate would turn bitter and wish you the worse fate

I wish I could think of you and curse your first and last name
That my name didn't sound so beautiful if it ended the same
I wish I would want you to be far away, in another corner of this painful earth
That my earth didn't consist of you to stay, you, more you, you again and so forth

I wish for the vibration of my blood boiling when I remember your touch
That my touch didn't feel void and bare now that I deny I miss you so much
I wish for the explosion of loathing pain when I reminisce on your eyes
That my eyes didn't trickle a trail of tears as it thinks of all the questions and whys

I only wish I could hate you.
I only wish I could loath you.
I only wish that I would.
I only wish that I could.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I've Heard About Happiness

They say that birds are lining up to perform their harmony singing
That there are pretty dandelions sitting, giggling, and laughing
They say there's music playing in loud volumes and drumming
That the trees are swaying to every chord and perfectly dancing

All I can hear is the floating of the leaves as they caress the wind falling
The petals tearing up, as their emotions wilt, in between sobs sighing
I hear the silence wrapping my breath into nothing or some something
I hear the quietness of my words that cave deeper into muteness
                                                                     While my lips are blushing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Her Garden

Drops dripping in display
The sun is out and the rain to stay
Clouds thinning colors to dismay
Trees welcoming the mud and clay

Dripping drops dancing
The sun's skin smothering
The clouds in red sulfuring
Trees the winds honoring

Where would you like to begin?
Take her whole jungle in
Every garden of her skin
Play every chord of her violin

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Fraudulent Love Story: Liars Never Win

She fell into his clever game of romance and duty
He fed her painful cravings to be in some spectrum of beauty
He doodled circles around her deserted, delicate body
He danced with her on the moon even though he didn't really

She twirled right into his charming and quieted whispers
He explored her every hidden short cut, no stop signs or vectors
He embraced her every emanating scent, her natural perfume-stirs
He swirled with all her curves while gravitating those rings of Jupiter's

She waltz into his scheme of lies and deception
He composed astute verses of love and devotion
He used real life colors to makeup the fiction
He lied, lied, and lied to get to his mission

She raced into the knife being held to slash her heart
He dipped his fingers in the blood, with her pain making art
He drafted a story of "happy ending" with a poisoned black dart
He autographed the most fraudulent love story anyone will ever impart

She wrapped her soul as an offering to his elegant allure
He gleamed his eyes for the spell to work for sure
He bewitched her with tricks of what ifs and their azure
He betrayed everything she gave him that was guarded and so pure

She believed every candied forgery he streamed with his lips
He perfected the treachery to make memories out of fairy tale scripts
He welcomed every naive pouring of her heart's secrets and slips
He edited the present for ALMOST impossible future memory clips

She unraveled all the corners of her insides for a fancy folk tale
He sealed his lips with no confessions and no trace of a bewail
He tied a bow on his secrecy with no minimal intentions to unveil
She exposed his lies, so he became the most coward man in his very own knavish trail