Thursday, May 28, 2015

Finding The Unseen

A sunrise is never meant to set.
A sunset is never mean to rise.
Too many beautiful things to admire.
Too many ugly ones yet to encounter.

Style is a betraying perception.
Looks a priority to the blind.
Music a symphony for the deaf.
Feelings a wish of the dead.

The unwanted want more
Because they have had less.
The wanted want more
Because they want it all.

Learn to...
Find happiness in scarce days.
Find laughter in empty times.
Find freedom in dark places.
Find love in isolation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Pickless Flower

There's a flower I wish to pick
To decorate my living room
And color it in mellow sick
To live for the days to come
And die with petals in the sun

There's a flower I wish to ignore
To let it grow and let it bloom
For death to wane in yellow pour
To watch it dust away in its cycle
And let Life be its tomb's title

To die or to live.
A flower will be beautiful.
Let me live or
Let me die.
I will be.