Monday, July 27, 2015

With What Words Wage

The ache of love drowning his heart
The throb of loss knocking at its door.
He's in a struggle with Love or Loss?
Love sounds convincing.
Loss an actuality tossed.

So many times he wanted to end it.
So many times he aborted the thought.
Please let her finish this soon.
Or I'll be here, forever caught.
Love won over his soft spot.

He surely said to take her own advice.
A sharp sting delivered by first-class.
She knew happiness is so overpriced.
Love insisted to keep them glued by splice.
Loss won thinking she's not so wise.

One moment is a treasured pearl.
One hour is a wealth of gems.
One day an unknown inheritance.
One night a half-opened treasure box.
Love & Loss, both took a stance.

"This is BS" was muttered calmly.
And it was said with a thread of certainty.
She germinated courage in a matter of minutes.
The moon witnessed the trouble in her spirit.
Loss triumphed with glory & majesty.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Girl Like Me

A girl like me
Finds favor in small details
The wind is like a charm
I find comfort in your arm

A girl like me
Doesn't believe in fairy tales
Loves the beauty disguised in a storm
I believe little events can transform

A girl like me
Doesn't get a sunrise to inhale
No fireplaces to keep her warm
I'm miles away from the norm

A girl like me
Remembers all her failures
Gets found by suffering in every form
It's magnificent and it keeps me firm

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

For The Unknown Goodbye

There's one crossroad as a bridge is walked.
Two choices unsaid and unsearched.
Two lives standing paralleled.
                 But they're not allowed to ever merge.

Infinity amount of stars sparkling.
None shining brighter than him.
Emanating light she's not used to.
                 But never for her to lit.

Countless of shapes and forms tagged as art.
Only one that weighs meaning to her.
She curves her finger and reaches for it.
                  Tap, tap. But never forever.

Endless of time available in platter.
One short course to learn, savor, and fathom.
Taking in every second at the grassy table.
                   One day will be her last plate--planned or random

So I say, sing an anthem
Free my dragon
Let the fire burn
Corners turn
The ice freeze
And the air breeze

Let it rain
Maybe pain.
If you'll be there one more time
Then it's fine.
It will be okay.

But listen to me:
I'll learn to fly.
Even in that unknown final goodbye
Search no more, because...
I will find my heart in yours.
And you will find your heart in mine.