Friday, August 28, 2015

Trust No One

He awaits a story
Secrets to be spilled
Inhaling every whisper
The ultimate tester
Only to hurt you in the end

He awaits patiently
With flowers in his hands
Creating alternate lands
The ultimate antagonistic part
Waiting to catch you & then depart

He awaits for trust to build
For him to control & yield
Removing one block at a time from your walls
Keeping you in fake foam of stalls
Waiting to stab a knife through your heart

Trust no one for who they say they are
Watch & learn.
Observe & be concerned.
Open but be ready for attack.
For attack he will, for he loves you not.

Trust no one.
Not a single soul.
Not for who they say they are, anyway.
Rest, be assured: you'll be frowned upon.
Because in the end...To him, you are also a no one.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Her Dream Catcher's Confessions

Dream Catcher is quite the tourist.
He says he's traveled through the memories of many.
That He's traveled over the fears of children
That He's journeyed the love stories that took a detour.

Dream Catcher told me about her dream playlist.
He said that there's a face that she ponders over plenty.
He said that you managed to steal her heart as only a friend.
He said that she always reaches for a kiss...just for one more.

Dream Catcher, please keep her secrets.
Allow the clouds in fantasies to travel back in time, so be ready
For the stars to change a story that should have been different.
For one night to have another ending, a happy one for sure.

Dream Catcher, be her confidant in these lonely times.