Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Just Another Grateful Girl

I am thankful to have you to remember me, as I am surely not the sparkly friendly girl to be remembered by many. And I am thankful to have you, to remember...because every memory of you brings the smiles that I have forgotten to embrace.

I am thankful for the change of the colors in the spectrum of nature, ranging from the shiny yellows of the sun, to the ends of its sun rays--with every hue of happiness reminding others that smiling is the best of all colors.

I am thankful of the dark & soily ground, which reminds me of the taste of dirt in my mouth, from all the times I have fallen, and all the times I broke my soul's bones as I landed.

Allow me to say I'm thankful for the hardships and the brokenness, not because I enjoy it, but because I realized that strength is my most remarkable beauty mark.

I am thankful, because in the transformation of the leaves, your fingers run across my arm changing the colors of my veins with every stroke.

I am thankful, because the branches of every tree have rendered to its painful weight of gravity, allowing the heart to feel weightless, free, and determined.

I am thankful for the sky that glows of accomplishments through its clouds in the mornings, yet at is freckled with stars that shine unnoticed through pain and sadness.

I am grateful for it all, because in a moment unforeseen, I will be gone, and all of this will seem like a millisecond, wrapped in one blink...just gone.

I am thankful for God for he is the rising sun of my mornings, the stars that light in my darkness, the trees that allow me to inhale one more breath, and the ground that catches me in every one of my failings.

Allow me to be thankful one more time.

Monday, November 16, 2015

DANGER: Keep Out

She wore it so proudly
With chains around her neck
She warned me, politely
Her innocence was a speck

Her signs were so bright
With vibrant colors to explore
They were attractive by sight
With stars from the candy store

Oh, she was a perfect sculpture
Her eyes full of radiance
My plans not in her future
Proof in her mysterious glance

I ignored every letter
The sign and its consequences
I should have known better
There was danger behind those fences


All pointless signs
When blurred by her charm
It's like wearing blinds
Through a window with bright sunshine

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Letter From The Viewer

Did you know that I am slowly dissipating into pollution? My heart is broken in so many shattered pieces that it seems that they are just crumbs instead. Each crumb has made its way to a pit of loneliness. The pit is filled with liters of agony in which I think my heart to drown; drowning in slow motion.

Did you see my smile? It’s such a brilliant mask of torture. There I am, smiling to lighten up your day and to reassure you that everything is the color of roses. Yet, it hurts. It hurts to smile. It hurts to extend my lips upwards in a programmed motion, to reassure you and to torture me. Can you see the pain that glows in the darkness of my smile? Have you been able to uncover the way my heart faints at the sight of people? No, because all you see is a smile.

 You’re so clueless of my reality. You think you can open a window of my soul, and still be welcomed. But you won’t dare enter through the front door. Just let me be invisible for a little longer, let me cry in the background, let me scream in desperation in a place where only I can hear myself. But don’t leave me. Be my standby. Allow me to love you from a safe distance—as unnoticed as I am now.

Let me melt to the truth of rain and cover it with the tears of my pain. 

The Viewer

Friday, November 6, 2015

A Letter to The Most Beautiful Woman

The first time I saw you, you wore a dress with all the colors of the rainbow. But none of those colors were the color of your skin, glowing and radiantly calling out for the sun to sing. Your legs extended to the earth from your hips, slipping into Cinderella's slippers, except your feet didn't slip from the shoes, because you know how to walk so perfectly; as perfect as your smile, laugh, the way you love and forgive.

Your dress wrapped around your waist, flowing outwards, and it created a silhouette worthy of marveling, wondering, how is it that with so many beautiful trees and mountains, you're the one to have the best curves that I have ever contemplated? My eyes draw weary from not being able to stop staring; and as I stare at your gentle heart, pouring into the empty hearts of others.

Oh, beautiful woman, did you know that you were created to add beauty to this earth? Your hair so perfectly quilted onto your head to give the wind something to play with. The wind patiently waits by your window every morning to embrace every strand and make it dance. "Dance with me?' the wind asks. And it falls in love with your hair at every Autumn's sunrise; it falls in love, as lost children fall in love with you, because you know how to love like a mother.

As I stare at the wonders of your face, I delight in the possibility of asking you, that if ever so possible, I would like to know if you could be mine, all mine, and only mine alone.

A Man Who’s In Love With All of You