Tuesday, February 23, 2016

An Extra Penny

She packed her bags today
She wrapped the last box with tape
And sealed it with her tears
She wasn't ready to say goodbye

She feared two things:
1. That he would let her go
2. Or that he would fight for her.
But he let her go, quite easily.

Her heart collapsed at midnight
Her cells yelled and cursed her
Her whole body protested
And Her soul revolted
And then she remembered the story...

The story was actually short:
Of a man who loved pennies.
He wanted 100 of them.
And once found himself holding them.

He cherished those 100 pennies.
He kept them close to his heart.
He guarded them dearly.
He made them part of him.

One day he found an extra penny.
It was quite shiny, it glared.
He picked it up and added it to his collection.
But it was just an extra shiny penny.

That was one thought she couldn't inhale well
The realization of complete purposelessness.
After all, if he wanted 100 pennies...
And he already had 100 pennies...
That penny is just an extra penny
                                          No matter how shiny it is.

But she did stay...for a long time.
She stayed...
         While staring at a clock hoping for a little more time. None came.
          For another it did.
Would she mop her little bit of dignity begging for a little bit of him?
          She sure did.
She stayed ...
          Knowing that she was just a picture hanging on the wall.
She stayed. She could have taken the pain for all these hurtful things.

But...one realization settled in.

She couldn't offer him anything he didn't already have...
And when the many painful truths were laid out
                                                                     He didn't deny any of them.
His honesty was admirable.
Her pain so much anguish.
Why did grasping that hurt so much?

She was just there, but pointless.
Her existence meaningless.
And her presence unessential;
                      She has found that for some people she is extra special.
                      For him, she is just extra.

She didn't want to be the extra shiny penny anymore.
It hurt too much.

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