Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fireworks & Sparklers

Some people are fireworks. 
Fireworks are loud and colorful, so attractive and drawers of attention. They explode in the sky, making the stars laugh, making the night wonder if darkness is real at all. At the expectation of fireworks, people's pupils dilate, extracting more light from the moon & stars; steadily, pupils await the light of the fireworks, and pupils narrow to the size of a dot--concentrating on the light that is painted on the expansion with fire, smoke, and creativity. Lights bounce on particles of oxygen, making lips take shapes and forms of awes and oos. They are loud, wonderful, colorful and they fill grey souls with a little wondrous bright joy.  

Some of us are sparklers.
We require some closeness to be appreciated and we can create wonderfully when held by someone's hand. Our defense mechanism is sharing little tiny sparks that sting as they touch others. It keeps people cautious: DO NOT get too close--stay away. Our light cannot be appreciated by those in the distance who see but a simple, lifeless wire, as cold as the temperature that surrounds it. Don't try to appreciate sparklers with binoculars.

You'll never get to see my many colorful sparks from afar. They can only be seen from up close. So if you're far, please remain don't know me.

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