Sunday, November 20, 2016

Here's To The Girl

Here's to the girl who was never afraid to play in the dirt. Who made "tortillas" with mud, and cooked them in a "comal." To the girl who ran barefoot with her male cousins and managed to outrun them. Who beat up the boys who thought it was okay to mess with her siblings. To the girl who stuck her face in books and was called a "nerd" for it; who still checks books out from the library. To the girl who took weight training in High School, and whom you will find in the "lifting" section at the gym. To the girl who isn't afraid of boxing and shift to her dancing spirit in Zumba class. Here's to the girl who will take risks in moments no one else will. To the girl who can be vulnerable at times, yet strong for those she loves. For the girl who seems cold-hearted to the bones, yet loves like a lion; but has known to let go if another's happiness is at stake. To the girl who has screwed up hurting the people she loves, but has managed to forgive just as much. Who can rock the sneakers, the sandals, the boots, roller blades, ice skates, and the heels. To the girl who enjoys dirt on her face as much as lipstick. To the girl who wakes up on Mondays with no desire to deal with her hair, and yet manages to rock her waves any other day. Who has played basketball with the boys, and who has gotten smacked by them while doing so. Who gets her nails done, but isn't afraid of ever breaking them. To the girl who MAKES time for every being she appreciates. To the girl who will grab herself an XBOX controller, and just as easily be gentle in comforting others. To the girl who isn't afraid to be one of the boys and is YET so full of surprises. But you wouldn't know this unless you've cared to find out.

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