Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Do

I do.
One space.
Two words.
Three letters.

Two people entangled in a world where only mermaids and mermen walk.
Too many words spoken, silence filled with nothing much but talk.
One heart hardened, because of now it's just a rock.

She spoke and raised the question so many times:
Do you want this bad enough?
His answer sounded so sure...
"I do."

She asked yet another question:
What does that mean?
His answer, so poetic..."I am committed to you, as in
I do."

She shuffled through poems, lyrics, and speeches.
She searched for ways to prove words are just words.
Yet, he convinced her that his words would be more.
He promised all the effort would be from him to prove.

Until she realized she was right again.

So she asked herself...

What then should break an "I do"?
What then, is so beyond the commitment of an "I do" that to break it should be justified?
She searched all ends of the square she boxed herself in.
All four corners were doubtlessly empty.

She replayed that one question:
Does this make sense to you?
She remembers that shake so perfectly.
She lives it everyday in slow motion.

How could such a weak reason break such an unbreakable I do?
She knows now why: because it never was one.
If he believed distance could break it, if that was his truth, then maybe he didn't realize how far from her he had already chosen to be.

And so from afar she salutes the lies goodbye, again. She glances at the weak commitment which she would rather live without, than to believe she is fought for so fierce-fully.

Nothing more, but a goodbye is left. One that was never said, yet was so, so clear...
From the day he left her drowning in her own tears to the day he let her walk away twice.

She is thankful, though, that she never committed her everlasting and continual I do to such a wavering weak one.

And now she knows how hesitantly he loved her and how much more pain she saved herself from.

Better to live without an I do than to live with such a weak one, right?

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