Sunday, March 6, 2016

Battling Me

It wouldn't take much to find something to cry about. There's a sense of pain in every daily battle. Obviously, if you have always given into your desires, your wants, and your carelessness of others, then there's no reason to feel pain, much less to go through a battle with yourself. But I have.

I have fought my pride, my selfishness, and I have seen my blood spilled--bruises take form, but healing followed it. Scars that left marks, but marks that brought growth. I have fought small, tiny, battles and long depressing ones, all within the fences of my own room; fighting my worst enemy--and that person is me.

I have seen the bottom of a bottomless pit. I have seen the pain of smiles that shine so bright, you would never know that the dimple on my face is a crater that has the capacity to electrocute my heart with sharp potions of a painful past.

I have found that my greatest battle, is the life-time battle up against myself.