Sunday, February 12, 2017

Knock, Knock, Knock (Who's there?)

A: Knock, knock, knock
B: Who's there?
A: It is he, looking for a whole heart.
B: I'm sorry to say, it is not me.

B: Knock, knock, knock
A: Who's there?
B: It is she, a broken heart.
A: I'm sorry to say, I did that.

He fell in love
With a whole heart:
Strong & adventurous
A heart with no fears.

But he changed it all.
He made it vulnerable
& fragile. Full of fear.
Dismantled it into particles.

He wants to keep loving a whole heart.
She tried to teach him to love a broken one.
She thought he could learn.
He said that he would.

But he kept slipping into the comfortability...
Of loving a whole heart.
Little did he know...
He was only juggling
All the broken pieces.

"I miss you" he said
With a knock, knock, knock.
But he missed the heart he fell in love with...
Whole and ready to conquer all.

Oh, how she wishes that he would want to love her broken heart...
After all, it was him who broke it.
But simple requests became complex
And her eagerness for time, a beggar's desire.

Pictures became stabs.
His public announcements of love morphed into the sting of a thousand bees.
Each word with its own formula of poison.
Every secretive silence
A forest's fire of fear, fiercely spreading.

How could she teach him to love a broken heart?
When all he wanted was to love a whole heart wholeheartedly?
Yet, the equation for it was so transparent and effortless...
Or so she thought.

She did not have what he wanted to love so comfortably.
That same comfortability with which he abandoned her heart; left her alone.
It is now, also the same comfortability with which he announces his happiness with another.

She did not have the whole heart that he so desperately wanted to love.

A: Knock, knock, knock
B: _________________

And so she left.

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